Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Thankful Celebration

Getting in the mood for Thanksgiving always sparks my love of entertaining and ritual! To set the mood of the season I like to carry the feeling throughout our home. I look to the colors of the season and nature. I pick and cut branches, bittersweet, magnolia leaves to start the process of dressing the home. Each room will have a splash of branches, flowers and candles to set the scene.I am currently obsessed with Green Moss candles from Izola, they have a beautiful rich, but subtle scent of a dewy forest. They are especially nice as to not compete with the amazing aromas of your Thanksgiving dinner! 

The simplicity of a very long dramatic magnolia runner peppered with lots of scent free candles and beautiful persimmons will set the stage on our table this year. I like to keep the centerpieces low with intriguing touches so you are not blocking the view of your dear ones across from you. Next the the sideboard will be prepared for a massive display of vintage wooden cutting boards filled and stacked with cheeses and fruits and dips. I love the creative ways you can use the varying heights and textures to display the cheese, fruit and all forms of crackers, flatbreads and breadsticks. Make sure to have gluten-free options for your guests! Set up more than one appetizer area so your crowd can mingle. My current obsessions include little jars of homemade pimento cheese topped with bacon marmalade, boiled peanut hummus, Sunburst Farm Trout spread and pickled shrimp!

Of all of the thousands of fun ideas and interesting ways to set your table, provide cute stations for drinks and little recipes to "make their own", make sure you have entertaining options for the kids, a decadent bottle of Champagne to share and toast to the health of your nearest and dearest....the single best piece of advice is to truly enjoy your guests. Prepare a much as you can in advance, make lists and check off the details so that when your guests arrive you are happy and ready to mingle with family and friends...a frantic hostess is no fun!

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Susan Chancey

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