Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Airstream dreams

I am thinking this is the proverbial "kill two birds with one stone" here... Atlanta Bartlett's beautiful styling....http://www.atlantabartlett.com/portfolio/21/editorial-3&s=6&np=8 ...So the thought is... need number one...A VACATION!!!!! AND... need number two A HOME OFFICE!!!! Are you following me I am so thinking that one could purchase this delight have it in the backyard for home office and then tote it off to amazing locations on the weekends for vaca'....the teepee fits in here somewhere as well!!


  1. absolutely! take a vacation. pick up an airstream while you are on vacation. bring it home and turn it into your home office. voila.

  2. Yay!! Someone who understands!!! it's making me crazy the pics won't get bigger...ARGH!