Monday, April 13, 2009

Rusty Clyde

Our dog Rusty Clyde has become a bit of a legend in our realm...he was rescued at three years old after being dumped by 3 or 4 different owners ...since we have had him he has managed to demolish three wedding dresses...shred several sets of curtains...pulled the curtain rods out of the wall...chew the window rims out... snap the window cords circa 1913...chew the frames of all the doors in our fully restored the roof of my car...bite the the slipcover on a brand new sofa...bite the "ears" of of all my pillows...chew a hole in EVERY duvet, quilt..ect that I own ...due to these details he has not been able to stay at home alone for a solid 8 months (serious seperation anziety) ... all that said he is a great dog and our star dog model on my company's website So, in an effort to help R.C. find peace and goodness in his life and to realign his "connectness" to a pack that he really can be the boss of we recently adopted a new dog baby...Jellybean Bonanza...our friends seriously thought we were crazy but please observe .... and cross your fingers for us!!!!

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