Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Few of a Kind Lamps By Robert Ogden

Today I am obsessing about lamps...maybe it's the "too many dreary days in a row" phenomena...but my favorite lighting is made by my company's designer Robert Ogden. He crafts these functional delish industrial but elegant goodies that bring the designers in droves to our showroom in Atlanta and the New York Gift Fair!!!! Here are a few of my "current" favorites...if you look close you will see that they are all completely constructed from odd bits and parts...some parts old some parts reused in different ways i.e. car jacks...100% yummy!


  1. These are amazing and stunning!!!

  2. what company do you work for I'd love to get the for my lighting store??? Do have any information??


  3. Hey There my comoany is's one of a kind lighting is at